Friday, 21 December 2007


Well I've been abit naughty not updating my blog, so here's a condensed update.
Last Saturday did abit of training with Tigg and have managed to get him working over full height jumps and he also completed the upright weaves for the first time. On the Sunday went to a little show at Leah's. Had no clear rounds with Chip, but he worked well. Buzz came home with 2 firsts as I worked him over medium jumps and I also gave Tigg a run over medium jumps in the jumping class. The first time I ran him he had to stop and have a look at the numbers. When I ran him over the same course for the second time, he was fantastic and he won. I was very proud of him.
Not much else happened this week. Swam the dogs as usual on Tuesday and Chip had a shampoo ready for Olympia. Well I think thats enough for now as I do have other things on my mind (cant think what). Anyway will update with the trip to Olympia soon.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Thought it was about time I did a blog as Leah keeps moaning that she is bored during the day and no one is updating their blogs quick enough.

Have been putting in quite abit of extra training with Chip ready for Olympia. I have put up very big spread out courses up the field and have found, that given the space, Chip will put in lots of extra strides. I have been working on this by doing quite abit of grid work and almost telling him where I want a stride and how many strides, this I have done by moving the grid poles inches at a time, but still expecting him to stretch rather than put in an extra stride. So far so good.

As I have put most of my spare training time into Chip, it has meant I haven't done as much as i would have liked with Tigg. Tigg is now almost 14mths old. I been putting him over the odd full height jump and he is coping fine with those. Today I have been up the field as I really wanted to crack on with his weaves. I have been teaching him on the channel weaves and he is really getting the idea. Today I have managed to get the channel weaves fully closed, but still with sides on. I will try over the weekend to open them up slightly and start taking the sides off. I am pleased with his weave progress and his entries are very good. Tigg's first show should be WBSDS at end of April, so fingers x'd he'll be ready to compete.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Meet my canine family

Tigg at 12 months

Chip and Buzz