Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Scunthorpe and other bits

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog, but not alot has been happening really. I wasn't booked to go to Shuttleworth, so at least that saved me some money as I wouldn't have gone anyway.
Last Saturday I made the very long journey up to Scunthorpe. I left home just after 3am and got home about 8.30pm, so a long day. The day was made even longer by the fact that I had such a crap day, Chip had 4 runs and had 4 E's. He was missing all his contacts and having jumps down, I know we all have our off days, but I could have done without Saturday being one of them. Anyway I have decided that Chip isn't quite right on his backend, so I am getting him looked at, I have also decided to rest him for a few weeks so wont be going to Wallingford and I wont work him at Lewes.
Dave Bryant kindly took a few piccies of Chip in the Champ ring on Saturday and they are quite good. The expression on his face in this one is clearly saying "i'm not going to make it" and he doesn't, he has this jump down.

The other couple of piccies are good as well.

Nothing much this weekend, but I do have Toni Dawkins coming upto my field to do a training day and I'm going to work Tigg in the morning, so really looking forward to that, just hope the weather holds up.
Next show for me then will be Lewes and that is when Tigg makes his debut. I am confident that he can do all the equipment, he just doesn't concentrate for very long and is easily distracted. Also although he can weave, they need alot of work still as he is almost walking through them. Oh well, we will see what happens on the day.

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Paula said...

Ooo looking forward to seeing Curly make his debut at Lewes, I'll make sure I have my camera ready.