Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mid Downs & Easter Celebration

Doesn't time fly. Well at Mid Downs I just had 3 runs with Chip as Buzz didn't have any veteran classes. Both of Chips agility runs were abit pants, he was very strong on his contacts and I felt abit out of control. His grade 6/7 jumping was a lovely course and he worked fantastic, I could not have asked him to be any tighter around the jumps and he really picked his feet up. We were rewarded with 2nd place, so I was very pleased with that end to the day.
I did spend alot of the day sitting in my chair, so my feet weren't too bad, but they did ache the next day.

Onto Easter Celebration: Tenterden were ring partying at this show and although most of the show was moved indoors due to weather, we still ended up with one of the outside rings. I had already said I wanted to do scoreboard, so it meant I could sit down most of the day, this was made better by being in a portacabin and having an electric fire on, so I did feel sorry for the other ring parties outside. I had 4runs with Chip and 1 veteran jumping with Buzz. The veteran was a lovely course and Buzz worked fantastic and won the class, so I took home an Easter Egg (but I did give it all to my husband as i'm doing Weightwatchers and that is far too many points). Chips contacts were much better this time and unfortunately he had a pole down in the Olympia qualifier. I thought I would struggle to steer him around the Power and Speed, but he was actually quite controlled and I did get onto the speed section and we came 8th. Unfortunately in the grade 7 agility, Chip did a pullthru right at the end of the course on number 18 when it shouldn't have been a pullthru, so a good day. Unfortunately Chip was a bit stiff on the Saturday evening and my feet were very sore, so we didn't go back to the show on the Sunday.
Next show is Scunthorpe on 5th April.


Hudsondoglets said...

You picked the best day to come along, Sunday was much colder with loads of snow and wind. Your feet would have been frozen which I suppose could have been a good thing!

Sharon said...

Yeah Nancy I suppose if they were frozen at least I wouldn't feel the pain he he.

Karen said...

Well done with Buzz sharon look forward to seeing you at scunas !! xx