Thursday, 13 March 2008

Not alot been happening

As the title says, not alot has been happening with regards to agility. I haven't been back to Mac on a Monday for Chips training due to my feet being bad, but am hoping to go back when the next 6 week course starts. I only managed to go up the field a couple of times as I was in alot of pain with my feet. Anyway I have now been to see a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist and he has been working on my feet, with some good results so far. I have now been to him twice and I knew it would be painful whilst he was working on them, but not quite that painful. He's given me a few exercises to do, one of which includes rolling my feet over a golf ball. Anyway I'm hoping that they will feel a little better for Mid Downs on Saturday.
Chip worked really well at training last nite, so that probably means he'll be awful on Saturday (not really). Also I've just had the Osteopath visit and check Buzz and Chips backs and all is good, so all set for the start of the season.

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