Monday, 3 March 2008


My orthotics arrived last Tuesday so have been wearing them everyday, can't say I've noticed much improvement just yet. I don't have pain in my feet, just that they ache, so even though I've only been standing or walking for about 5 mins, they feel like I've just been on a 20 mile walk.
Anyway I went up the field on Friday as I had someone coming for a 1:1 lesson, so I worked Tigg for a little bit in the weaves, he is finally getting the idea and his weave entries are excellent.
Saturday I had another 1:1 lesson and then Elaine and Catherine came up the field and we worked Chip, Pi and Steiff and then I did little bits with Tigg.
On Sunday I went off to C-Side, Buzz had a run in the Veteran Jumping and he loved it, although no prizes, he did have the fastest time of 16secs, so I am pleased he can just have a run and enjoy it. Chip got 4th in the jumping, but after a missed Aframe in the agility (which was very bad as I had spent alot of time on Saturday working on it) he then got E'd as I could just not move quick enough. He did do a lovely dog walk and he didn't have any poles down, so I was pleased with that. Although I spent most of the show sitting down, my feet were just so painful and I am just so fed up that I'm letting the dogs down.
Anyway no shows this weekend, just got a couple of 1:1 lessons to do, then it's Mid Downs, I'm looking forward to going to the show, just not looking forward to the pains in my feet. Any volunteers to push me in a wheelchair might be gratefully received.

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