Monday, 18 February 2008

Lovely weekend weather

Well the weather was lovely this weekend (although a little nippy). Went up the field on Saturday with Elaine and my husband to assemble my new agility equipment (well secondhand, I've got the old Eukanuba set), it all looks very nice now. Also had someone come up and buy my old frame and flat tunnel, so that went to a good home and freed up some space. My feet are still really bad and have found that my crocs are the most comfortable, not really good for doing agility in though. Anyway after the equipment was set up, Elaine and I played about with Pi and Chip. Chip is such a good boy, as I couldn't run, I recalled where I could and then just sent him while I was walking around. He did some really good bits and his contacts were excellent (I will have to walk around more often).
On Sunday I had 2 people come up for private lessons, so I went up abit early and did some weaves and contacts with Tigg.

He is doing some really nice work now and he seems to be enjoying himself.

After being up the field for almost 3 hours, I could hardly walk and came home and got the footspa out and sat with me feet in it with hot water and Dettol, for about half an hour. They felt a bit better, but I am going to the doctors on Friday to see what they say. My special orthotics that are being made wont be here for at least another week or two.


Paula said...

Pink really suits Curley.

Sharon said...

Dont let him hear you call him curly, he'll get very upset as he's gone to so much trouble to rid himself of the curls.

Sarah and Leslie said...

WOW bright pink equipment, I like!

Sharon said...

Thanks Sarah, I like it too and Toni Dawkins likes it alot.