Monday, 11 February 2008

Sheep herding and weaves

I took Tigg and Chip on a sheep herding day, this was just a session to see if your dog had the herding instinct. Although I had tried Chip on sheep before and he was actually quite good, the difference was I was in the pen with the sheep and Chip was on the outside, this time it was one big pen with the dog in the pen with the sheep. Therefore as Chip could now be with me (rather than outside a pen) he spent the whole time walking backwards staring up at me. Tigg on the other hand was excellent. From the minute he saw the sheep he didn't take his eyes off them. I let him off the lead and he went straight around the back of them, I was able to tell him to lie down as he got around the back of them as you don't want the dog to just keep going round and round in circle.

He was even strong enough to squeeze his way between the sheep and the fence to get them away from the fence, whereas alot of the dogs would just hold them against the fence.

Elaine came with me and she worked him the second time as I tore my Plantar Fasciia tendon in my other foot whilst working Chip. Tigg was really good and it was good to sit on the outside and watch him and as Elaine said it felt good to feel like you were in control of the sheep and the dog. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and might consider taking Tigg back for a few more lessons.

Then on Sunday I held a weave workshop up at my field. Although I had to sit down for most of the day due to my foot, Elaine helped me hold dogs, put out toys/treat pots etc, it was a good day. The first group were quite inexperienced, so we did alot of work on the channel and V weaves and I think they went away with a few exercises to work on and were pleased with the work they had done. The second group were alot more experienced so all the work was done on the upright weaves, but we were working on entries and positioning of the handler. I had them sending the dogs through all 12 weaves on their own and recalling through. Also had them moving away from the weaves to get into position for the next obstacle. They all worked really hard and I really enjoyed teaching them.
Now for a weeks rest and continually putting ice on my foot, I really hope it heals soon, so I can continue training Tigg.


Smoketrail Collies said...

Hi Sharon

Enjoying your blog! Heard some great reports on your weave day :) One lady (Steph) took her Boo baby Cody along and she had a fantastic time and was really impressed and took so much from it!

Love to the merlies x

Sharon said...

Thanks Gemma, Cody was very good and I'm gladd she enjoyed it. She also asked me if she can come to me for training so I will look forward to that. Cody is just a little younger than Tigg, so it will be good to work together.
Congrats to you and Nic on the baby.

Paula said...

I really enjoyed both sessions even though my Suzi pretended she'd never even seen weaves before let alone been doing competitions. I was so pleased with Tom as I felt he aquitted himself really well in the more experienced group.

Sharon said...

Thomas was very good Paula and like you say he held his own in that more experienced group. Glad you enjoyed it.