Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ouch my feet hurt!!!

Well not much happening at the moment purely because I can only just about walk and even then its only for about 10mins all due to Plantar Fasciitis. My poor dogs are going stir crazy as they are not getting walked. When I go up the field I am letting them all have a run around and I throw their toys just to wear them out abit.
Anyway I have still had 1:1 lessons up the field so I have really suffered afterwards as have been standing for over an hour.
Last Friday Leah came up the field and did a bit of training with her dogs and then she worked Chip for me. I can manage to do a little bit with Tigg as long as is doesn't involve running. He is doing very well on the channel weaves and will go in from all angles with me sitting in a chair.
I am waiting for a referral to a physio to try and help sort my feet, also really hoping my orthotics turn up this week. The way I feel at the moment I don't see how I am going to be able to go to shows. I keep entering them in the hope that they will get better, if not someone is going to gain Chip (grade 7) to run and then Tigg when he starts competing at the end of April. Unfortunately Buzz doesn't run for anyone else, so he wont get to do his Veteran classes.
Lets hope I can get them sorted soon and be back up and running.


Paula said...

Such a shame your feet are so bad just when the season is about to start proper.

Sharon said...

Tell me about it Paula, I am soooo p-----d off. I just want to do agility and it's so frustrating that I can't.

Karen said...

Oh Sharon I am really sorry to hear your feet are so bad:0( lets just hope the physio sorts them out quick......... kx

Hudsondoglets said...

Ouch. Really sorry to hear of your problems. It's awful when you have problems with feet. I hope the physio can help you.

I'll just have to run Tigg!!

Sharon said...

OK Nancy as you were the first to offer, you can run Tigg if I'm still lame and Leah wants Chip, but as she will have to run him against Herbie I don't think she will give him a fair run, so any offers from anyone that doesn't have a large grade 7 dog.

Ulla said...

Hello Sharon, I am sorry to her you are not well, I had plantar fasciatis about 18 month ago and it took a while to get better. What really helped me was frequent acupuncture treatment.

I hope you are better soon.


chafford dogs said...

That's not fair! Of course I would give him a fair run! ;)